Learn about new, enhanced and innovative features added in this release and take advantage of them.



Get a better drawing documentation with the new table feature. You can create, export or edit a table conveniently.


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Get a better drawing visualization with the new transparency feature. Apply transparency to gradient, hatch or layer objects as never before.


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With flatshot command you can create a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on current or different views.

Symmetric Draw

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Now you can make a symmetrical drawing by making the first half representation and the other one is displayed as you draw.

Graphic Compare

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Comparing similar drawing geometry to see the details accurately, and insert it onto current workspace is possible with Graphic compare tool.


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Now you can shape intersected objects in a few steps. The outline innovative tool extracts all intersected objects as a polyline.

Break Object

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Now you can trim, or break intersected objects with gap distance in four different methods with break object innovative tool.

Block Break

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Block Break innovative tool is able to wipeout or break an object that is overlapped by a reference block.

Refedit Enhancement

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Now you can edit an xref within the current drawing. The objects that you select are temporarily extracted and made available for editing in the current drawing.

Wipeout Enhancement

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Improve your drawing with enhanced features. Now wipeout command supports circle and complex polyline options to be used as a wipeout object.

Mirror Enhancement

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With the enhanced mirror command you can select a mirror line option as axis reference, so you can get a set of mirrored objects quickly.

Object Snsap Enhancement

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A new visual enhancement for two object snap options are available on status bar when you select Distance from Endpoint and Divide Segments options.

Best CAD Platform Ever

Design, share and visualize your CAD drawing is better with CADMATE 2018. Best-ever core performance, best-ever features and best-ever innovations are what this CAD platform offers.

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