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Maged Mourad asked 7 months ago

Dear Sirs,
failed to find a way to the coordinates of several points to EXCEL of the *.TXT files, could you please help provide your assistance on this matter?

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Dishith. MC answered 7 months ago

Dear Mr. Maged Mourad
There is a command enhancement in CADMATE where you directly extract the coordinates points value from your drawing to excel file.
To execute this command type “COEXPORT” click the coordinate points and then click enter to get the values.
Any further clarification on the above mentioned, please draft a mail to dishith@sptechglobal.com or call me on +971 565597166

Maged Mourad answered 7 months ago

I tried it; but the software gave me the “Unknown command” message.

Dishith. MC answered 7 months ago

Dear Sir
Can i have your mail id or contact number

Dishith. MC answered 7 months ago

Or Sir please give us a call back in the below mentioned number.
043864844 ,  +971  565597166

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