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Ghulam asked 11 months ago

When CADMATE tries to take PDF output from a dwg file based on a custom paper size (i.e.) 5000*847 mm, CADMATE eventually doesn’t recognize it and the output is blank.

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Dishith. MC answered 11 months ago

However, we raise an alternative solution for this issue and we can plot that size too. Here is the steps and you can check the detail in the video attached.
1. input “PLOT” command and choose “DWG2PDF” plot driver. Then choose “Properties”
2. choose “Custom Properties” on the popup and it can add paper size by yourself.
3. enter “custom paper” and input width 5000 and length 847, then name it, for example “5000×847”.
4. back to Plot-Model and find this “5000×847” in paper size and plot with it. You can get expected result.

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